Technology and Health Lab: Current Studies

W&L Sleep Habits Study
The W&L Technology and Health Lab is currently recruiting college students from W&L, VMI, and SVU to participate in the Sleep Habits Study. To take this online survey, click on the link below.

Upon completion of the survey, you will have a chance to enter a lottery for one of three $50 amazon gift cards.

The Washington and Lee Sleep Study
This study explores associations among cellphone use and indicators of well-being among college students. One of the major constructs of the study is sleep quality, which is measured using self-report measures as well as actigraphy.

The Mechanical Turk Cellphone Measurement Study
Mechanical Turk is an online marketplace where people from all over the United States can earn money for remotely participating in studies. The goal of this study is to test the psychometric properties of several measures of cellphone use recently developed in the Technology and Health lab.

The W&L / URI Collaborative Study of Cellphone Use and Sleep
This study is a collaborative venture with the lab of Professor Sue Adams in the Department of Human Development and Family Studies at the University of Rhode Island. Validity and reliability of new cellphone use measures are being tested along with two hypothetical models linking cellphone use and sleep.

W&L Technology Use, Sleep, and Attention Project
This series of studies, conducted in collaboration with Professor Wythe Whiting’s Cognition Lab at W&L, explores the effects of auditory distractors – cellphone notification vibrations – on attentional performance and executive functioning.

W&L / G. d’Annunzio University Collaborative Study of Co-Rumination in Young Adults
This study is a collaborative effort with the lab of Dr. Michela Balsamo in the Department of Psychological, Health, and Territorial Sciences at G. d’Annunzio University in Chieti, Italy. It is a cross-cultural study focusing on patterns of cellphone use, co-rumination, and mental health.