Current Studies and Findings

Cognition in Context Lab

Current Study:

W&L Puzzles and Brainteasers Study
This study investigates attention and problem-solving across a variety of timed cognitive tasks. Data collection is complete and analyses are in progress.


Past Studies: 

Cognition in Context Family Study
This study investigated moment-to-moment cognitive and physiological reactions to cellphone notification sounds among adolescents, in three age groups: adolescents; young adults; and mid-life adults. Results are under review. 

W&L Auditory Distractions Study
This short-term longitudinal study investigated associations of college students’ sleep duration and sleep variability with attentional performance. Consistently low sleep duration was associated with compromises in reduced ability to ignore irrelevant cues and redirect attention to target locations. Sleep parameters were measured utilizing wristband actigraphy. Results are presented here