Karla Klein Murdock

Karla Klein Murdock, Ph.D.
Professor of Cognitive and Behavioral Science (CBSC)
Curriculum Vitae

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Introduction to Clinical Psychology (CBSC 210)
Developmental Psychopathology (CBSC 265)
Applications of CBSC (CBSC 299)
The Pursuit of Happiness (CBSC 300; 4-week Spring Term course)
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Applied Science / Community-Based Research Capstone in CBSC (CBSC 413)

Research Program
My research addresses how stressful experiences can influence the development of psychosocial problems. In recent years, my labs have investigated stressors that may surround the complicated phenomenon of cellphone use. The Technology and Health Lab examines how specific patterns of cellphone use, such as compulsive cellphone use and co-rumination via cellphone, are associated with sleep quality, burnout, and psychological functioning. The Cognition in Context Lab, which I supervise collaboratively with Professor Wythe Whiting, studies the effects of cellphone-related auditory distractions on cognitive performance and physiological activation.
The developmental psychopathology theoretical framework guides my work in two important ways. First, in addition to exploring risk factors for problems in the course of development, I examine factors that counteract such risk. Also, m
y work is based on assumption that individuals’ competencies and strengths are fundamental in understanding and intervening on compromises in health and mental health

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